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I'm Valerie Morgun, an artist based in Brussels. I help people bring a creative, stylish touch to their interiors. I work in all the top creative techniques in all sizes and with the best materials.

Все товары
Все товары
Все товары
Все товары
Все товары
Все товары
Все товары
Все товары
Water Colours
Все товары
Все товары
About the artist
Hello, every artistic soul, who decided to check this website! My name is VALERIE MORGUN and I am very happy I can help you make your room extraordinary in the way your heart wants it to be.

I am an art historian and orientalist + I have an MBA in luxury brand management (I propose to consider art as a luxury). Art is a luxury of our souls and minds, let's contribute to it's growing!

Artistic workshops
Experience how it is to create something thrilling and mesmerising!
Meditation and Self Expression
Did you know that the fluid art creation process helps to relax and get a stress relief? And I guarantee it will enhance your creativity!
Best Techniques
I will teach you the most wanted techniques of Fluid Art nowadays! Bring your own masterpiece with you back to home! (Along with many bright memories!)
100 EUR per person
2 hours full of memories

from brussels with art
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Valerie MORGUN
WhatApp: +7 916 496 82 57
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The photos and texts are used to demonstrate the paintings, please do not use them for any commercial purposes without the consent of the author.
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